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Polar M600 Review: When Your Fitness Answer Is Android

Polar is bringing together a strong track record in fitness tracking devices with the always available all-day features of Google’s wearable OS. The result is the M600 – a brooding masculine smartwatch that delivers the modern smartwatch experience alongside

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Testing for vulnerable IoT devices

Brian Krebs has lately been writing a lot about DVRs and cameras made by XiongMai Technologies. He reports that they are terribly insecure and many have been hacked and herded into botnets where they participate in Distributed Denial of Service

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An IoT botnet was partly behind Friday’s massive DDOS attack

Malware that can build botnets out of IoT devices was at least partly responsible for a massive distributed denial-of-service attack that disrupted U.S. internet traffic on Friday, according to network security companies.

Beginning Friday morning, the assault disrupted access to popular websites

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Friday’s huge internet outage, explained

Security expert Brian Krebs says the Internet of Things is to blame.

For hours yesterday, a slew of major websites — including Reddit, Twitter and Amazon, not to mention multiple Vox Media sites — were inaccessible to much of

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